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"Snoop Dogg: King of the Leaves"


I have been smoking weed for a while now, and I’m never sure how to express myself with it. Orange County can still be a tad behind and consevative. However, there are people who totally support me being a stoner and others who can’t even put their minds around that type of life. You don’t have to understand it, but just respect me as I respect your ways of living.


Growing up in HB Cali, Long beach is right next door and Snoop Dogg was that voice for the weed community through his rap and business career. He gives back, and he’s a family man, and a great example that stoners aren’t JUST lazy people, they are hardworking.What I wanted for this picture,was to capture him in his pure childlike bliss. This bliss is fleeting, and normally don’t find it every day as an adult, but weed has reignited that for me. It made the colors turn on again. #420 #snoopdogg #lb 


Mixed Media: Paint pens, graphite on canvas panel No frame

11" x 14" Canvas panel

$200 USD + including shipping

DM to purchase


Snoop Dogg: King of the Leaves

SKU: 79088
$150.00 Regular Price
$127.50Sale Price
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