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The Mandala loosely translated means circle, which is made of repetitive circles. In this piece I haven’t used the circle shape in the traditional sense of a Mandala. I wanted to take a Mandala while putting my own spin on things. I took the concept of a mandala and turned it into a fragmented portrait. Portraits are the window into our soul, your being is held from the strength in your eyes. 


This piece is representative of myself, there are two portraits and both show a different side in my personality. The physical traits I added are just there for aesthetic looks, but the facial reaction represents my substance as a human and how I see myself. This piece entitled “Wide-eyed” is filled with more of my favorite style of coloring, I called it quilted color. This quilt of many bright and contrasting colors represents the overwhelming nature of hyperactive thought that bombards me. The boy with the huge eyes on the top of the drawing excitable like a golden retriever shows my wide-eyed curiosity. I can’t just be excitable all the time there has to be some form of logic in the way that I handle problems. The woman towards the lower half of the piece shows my grounded maturity. The mixture of these many different parts and colors makes up the kaleidoscope way that I take in situations. 


Added a rad shadow box for this drawing to live in!


$450 SHIPPING Not INCLUDED (invoice added at purchase) + tax added at checkout. Pickup Anaheim, CA $400 DM 4 PICKUP


"Wide-eyed" Wall Hang Shadow Box 12in x 15in x 2.5inches for sale Color Pencil Drawing on Matte Board 11x14finishing touches!



Shadow Box: Wide-eyed

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