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Roll tray/ special things tray


THESE ARE HANDMADE, So they all come out a tiny bit different but with all the same love and colors!!! This item is available. This is an original so if you want to order more than one, it would be a PREORDER, that can take up to one month to be made. MADE WITH LOVE <3


“BEE ELECTRIC” "BEE Electric,” Is a mandala portrait that has some very personal aspects to it. The meaning of my name Debra literally means Bee. Bee’s are fascinating as one of my photography professors, Larry Lytle, had a series of art photographs of the death of bees. If all the world’s bee’s are gone, so are we. The title “bee electric” is stating to be yourself when you are here in this life. There can be many things in a day that distract from your own positivity. Detractors are easy to find. In life I’ve learned to find my own voice.." . . This tray is not safe for eating off of. . BEE ELECTRIC" roll tray/ special tray collage, resin, sparkles ..Size4 × 6 × 0.5 inches Rolling tray- $24.99 + including shipping tax added at checkout

Rolling Tray "Bee Electric🐝"

SKU: 976567889
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