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THESE ARE HANDMADE, So they all come out a tiny bit different but with all the same love and colors!!! This item is available. This is an original so if you want to order more than one, it would be a PREORDER, that can take up to one month to be made. MADE WITH LOVE <3


Rolling Tray/ small objects




This rolling tray is made with GLITTER, yes the crack of the art world, yup I said it. And as beautiful as it be….. It be stubborn. Regardless nothing in life is perfect so it is always nice to celebrate with JUST A LITTLE EXTRA gorgeous rolling tray. This tray is made with a drawing of mine in it, called “Bee Electric” I can feel the electricity in her glance owning one’s own femininity. Buy this tray today and be all the EXTRA you want, NO judgements. 




4 × 6 × 0.5 inches 


Rolling tray- $24.99 + including shipping tax added

Shipping added on for international only


Resin, glitter, collage

Rolling tray/ small objects BE EXTRA

SKU: 56432
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