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original is available 8X10

This is a version of one of Van gogh's Sunflowers. Sunflowers to me are very important they remind me of sunshine, and the song "you are my sunshine" which always brings my grandma into my thoughts. Family has always been my core, being there for friends and family is special.


I have always related to Van Gogh mostly because of his bad mental health. I have always had issues with accepting being ADHD and the many voices that it creates for me in my mind. As an artist it's difficult to hear many voices, before you start to get overwhelmed. I felt like this year for me personally was acceptance some of those voices I silenced. I rejected a lot of core parts of me in the past, one was being Bisexual. This year I finally identified a piece of my heart I rejected a while ago because the people I love were unsure of it. So I just hid longer, and stayed of unsure of who I was as well. This rainbow Van Gogh is accepting all the parts of who I am, an artist, someone with ADHD, and bisexual <3 It is never easy to tell your truth, but I think it is something that helps us understand who we are at our core.


There are so many beautiful pieces to life that make us who we are. Make sure that you see the beautiful colors that people are compromised of, before you judge what a life looks like.


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Original painting "Mini Sunflower"

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