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"Toxic Trigger"


There are many viewpoints trading harsh reactions to social posts online.This piece is reflective of that tension created by saying, you are not good for me.


My younger self was extremely toxic that's why I drew this loose, scratchy, child crying. I wanted to represent the rawness of melancholy, while still showing some technique. I think it’s a balance to portray real vulnerable emotion in art…. That you don’t yourself get TRIGGERED by. The child represents being rejected as a thick girl growing up in Orange County, I was always teased about being fat. Being teased about my weight became one of my large triggers. I didn’t want to post about anything unless it looked positive. 


What is your trigger?

It is easy to unknowingly trigger someone. First though you have to identify what is the one incident setting you off. One of my other triggers is feeling stupid when I don't know something. Or when  I think I know an answer and someone else says I’m wrong. There are times I will fight for my opinion without proof or research. Not because I know it’s right, but becuase I want to be right so I don’t look stupid. In those times we need to check ourselves, and just listen to the knowledge take it in… then look it up later. Don’t just nod you know when you don’t know, if you say you don’t know, and shut down there is no time to open your mind to learn more.


When I crafted this piece I started with these specific emojis. I got questioned by my boyfriend why no barf emoji. I just wanted to show pure dislike based on values. I do like the idea of that emoji but I feel like it has to be planned more for a piece. I did original graphite drawings and mod podged them to the wood panel, then painted on top. This piece was the first in my Disconnection series, and I’m so proud that it is as raw and real as I am. 


Acrylic, collage, paint pens, graphite on wood panel


Ready to hang no frame (unique shape)


19" x 18"


$300 USD + tax/shipping

Original Drawing/Painting "Toxic Trigger" wood panel.

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Mixed media on wood panel, graphite, paint pens, acrylic, collage.

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