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"Bloogreen dream machine"

Canson watercolor paper

9x12 acrylic, alcohol, sharpie



In art school I never drew Mandalas, but as an art teacher it is great to teach structure using a Mandala shows the repetition of shapes which is key, and so is meditation for your mind. I really like the repetition, but also the freedom in being able to make mistakes, imperfect Mandalas are a joy .When drawing a Mandala, you always want it on a square shaped paper for the correct proportions. I started with an imperfect structure, so they will be different. I led with imperfection, because it always makes for some unique results and I enjoyed the ride I went on!

This piece I used a sharpie, acrylic paint and alcohol, had such a fun time experimenting . I used some pthalo green and Windsor blue which I just love those colors.


“Bloogreen Dream Machine”


9 x 12 Original Drawing Markers and Pen on Canson Paper


$70 USD tax add at checkout + including shipping

Original Drawing: "Bloogreen Dream Machine"

SKU: 776589
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