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This was a 1:30hr  quickie painting of Grogu , I filmed a timelapse, please checkout my IGTV on Instagram on my account eletopia_86 to watch.


My boyfriend and I are obsessed with The Mandalorian, and season two hasn’t disappointed us at all! Grogu or as most fans call him “ baby yoda,” eats everything. In this painting he is eating fish eggs, which are the last of their kind. They are the only fish eggs left to rebuild an extinct species…..he ate them…..sooooooo many. Everytime Grogu ate the eggs  I was screaming up and down on the couch. This painting captures that raw frustration!!! Collect this original today!



"Grogu NOOOOOOO” orig painting for sale $99.99 tax add at checkout, shipping included for US International shipping addedm if needed. The original painting is on a canvas panel  11 x 14.

Orig "Grogu NOOOOOOO”

SKU: 9095432
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