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“Sekhmet’s Folly”


Sekhmet’s Folly is a commission from a college friend of mine. This friend was asking for an egyptian themed piece about Sekhmet who is pictured as the lioness goddess and healing as well.  This goddess was supposed to represent the struggles my friend had in the past with controlling her anger at work. I told her I had similar issues with my first job in the art field. Having anger issues at work can be very normal when you feel like you can’t do much right. It is easy to become defensive and disconnect from communication. Learning to find the balance in being you, but also taking in criticism. Beginning to take  a moment to stop before fully  reacting to a situation. .



This project has a story that evolved as it was created. In preparation from this commission I started to research Egyptian mythology, Sekhmet, is a warrior goddess and healing. She is depicted as a lioness, and  as an artist I equate lions with fire, in huge part to their road and coloring. I began the composition with the fire to show my friend as Sekhmet’s rage. The fire can be dangerous. When you look too far into the light, you can become blind. It is easy to be blinded by rage. The Pharaoh I added represents how other people can cause you to feel rage.  Other people’s words or looks can make you feel inferior, and that makes the full amount of your rage cage gain steam. As you get to the middle of this drawing, I added wings and the eyes of RA to show the enlightenment of self, to a new level.



There is a cub with wings to show strength in resilience at every age. A cub couldn’t fight the full grown Sekhmet, The truth is it’s about mental strength, not physical. Growth comes from change within. I made that change here, with the addition of Hathor, Sekhmet’s sister, to balance her out. With so much anger and fire, you need the cool pristine calming blues of the night sky. Hathor was the sky deity, she’s also the goddess of joy, Music, dance and love. Hathor heals Sekhmet of her self-inflicted fire and bends her toward the sky for balance. I wanted to show with support of others we can grow as humans more completely. 




SOLD “SEKMET’S FOLLY” 11 x 14 Original Color Pencil Drawing on Matte Board, wrapped in glassine. 




$20 5x7

$40 11x14

$60 16 x 20

$80 18 x 24

Canvas Print: "Sekhmet's Folly"

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