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🔮"Magic Unleashed, Andrea Illuminated"🔮


💜DONE with this 🙌 EPIC piece which is 11X14 Colored pencil on matte board SOLD!!!💜



This commission is a piece for a childhood and lifelong friend, Andrea. She commissioned me for a mandala portrait, with herself surrounded by her adorable pets:


Fortuna, Cali, Salem and Teddy


She mainly wanted me to do my thing with the illustration, but with the color choice she said teal, and purple which let me take it to a fun magical place. If you know Andrea she always has a bit of magic and true joy behind her eyes. I really wanted that true knowledge of all the pieces of who she is combined while obtaining her masters in literature (which is why her portrait is attached to a book). Andrea has a beautiful way with words, she loooooves her animals she could cuddle and heckle them all day! I wanted this piece to show the quilted beauty of this stunning radical female. So happy to have her support as a friend and in my art. This piece made me feel true joy to create for such a loving friend. 


ORIGINAL SOLD 🔮"Magic Unleashed, Andrea Illuminated"🔮 11 x 14 Original Color Pencil Drawing on Matte Board, wrapped in glassine. 




$20 5x7


$60 16 x 20 PRINTS


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Canvas Print: "Magic Unleashed, Andrea Illuminated"

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