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The Mandala loosely translated means circle, which is made of repetitive circles. In this piece I haven’t used the circle shape in the traditional sense of a Mandala. I wanted to take a Mandala with my own spin on things, even if it's small. I took the concept of a mandala and turned it into a fragmented portrait. Portraits are the window into our soul, your being is held in the strength in your eyes. The window into a female's soul is usually several different pieces to make up the whole. We are a quilt from all our experiences and love, loss in life. Females are a quilt of many shades and emotions sharing that journey of struggle, glory, and mess ups! WOMEN ARE Beautifully flawed and screaming in gorgeous outrageous undefinable color!


“BEE Electric,” Is a mandala portrait that has some very personal aspects to it. The meaning of my name Debra literally means Bee. Bee’s are fascinating as one of my photography professors, Larry Lytle, had a series of art photographs of the death of bees. If all the world’s bee’s are gone, so are we. The title “bee electric” is stating to be yourself when you are here in this life. There can be many things in a day that distract from your own positivity. Detractors are easy to find. In life I’ve learned to find my own voice.


$200.00 shipping included tax added at checkout “Bee Electric” 11 x 14 Original Color Pencil Drawing on Matte Board, wrapped in glassine.



$20 5x7

$40 11x14 

$60 16 x 20 

Canvas Print: "Bee Electric"

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