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Why the title "Value"?

Hey all!

Hung up this piece today and if just changed the energy in this place, it's a lot happier. Thought it would be neat to go in depth with it....

This piece was a breakthrough for me in the Eletopia series. This painting is titled #value , value has come from many places in my life my parents, sister, and boyfriend have been the valuable resources to lift me up while trying to be an artist.

I have always loved elephants, and as a teenager I always felt awkward like, "the elephant" in the room. I identify with this animal for many reasons, but in my heart I am an emotional person. I am an expressionist painter, and elephants lend themselves so beautifully to several emotions. This painting for me is the weight of the things we care about. Value is not always an easy thing to rest on your shoulders, but when your value is shown back in reciprosity it can change your intentions.

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