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Poetry Is silent?

Sometimes words speak volumes, but translating a word into an art piece is a completely different thing. When you put words in art, being careful of the balance is really what is at stake. Write a word to boldly or that doesn't relate it can stand out of your piece instead of blending in. Since I write poetry the words tend to come to be in a stream of conscience, which makes it a lot easier when more words are added repetitiously. Originally I would just think one word, so people get the point. But one thing is an object and if you have a focal point that one word is competing for your attention.

This is a drawing I did for the #inktober challenge, and I really love that there is not only the text in the background but on the Kit-Kat bar as well. There are multiple texts in this drawing each one has a job to make sure you are looking at a full art piece that makes sense, and not a silly jumble of words and pictures that don't seem to add up.

Mixed Media acyrlic and resin
"Wanderlust" 2013

One of the first ways I was able to get my thoughts out when I was starting out doing art, and trying to express myself verbally and emotionally, was poetry. Poetry is something that I don't always put in the forefront of my art but it is always a hobby that sits in my comfort zone. Here are a few of my recent poems just to show you the way that my brain works is anything but, linear.

Written by Debra Slonim

Lady, Lady, lady your words they singe the edges of my talent and burn the bridges of our agreement

I cannot get back the brown-eyed-happiness I had before, when I actually hoped working for you

was going to be a come up

Come up has morphed To Down

I'm down now, burnt under the solid steal load of your DISAPPOINTMENT

lady, lady, lady

I'm just trying to pick up some dignity without feeling

One hard blow from your arrogant lips, will erase me

Erase me slowly but magically like a dandelion

Written by Debra Slonim

I used to think traditional painting was ordinary,

so I tried to do everything I could to make it MORE

I tried every shade of yellow every different art class every weird

and demented style

My fire for art was always traditional, I was taught as a child, I ran from it

but I stopped for a second to look down to the ground and there they were

wiggling on the floor right over my feet, my painter's roots

For once I will unapologetically let them show

I really think words whether they are used or not are huge for artists. It helps us understand our view point, and then gives us a way to show others.

There are different ways to view the world. Art is just one way of seeing it that breaks normality's.

Next time you look at a painting, really get close (well as close as they let you) stare at it longer than you normally would. Notice the colors, how the artist used the space, and in your mind come up with your own word that describes the painting before you see the actual title. This silly little thought of standing in front of a painting seems small, but it can change your mood your view point your day. Take the time to take art in. Don't just looking at paintings online go see them. Seeing paintings in person changes things. When you look up close you can see the smooth or rough texture of the oils, mixed media, or some amazing watercolor techniques. Online when you see photos, yes it represents the picture well, but it is almost never accurate in color (even when getting professional photos done).

This new year is a time to expand. I intend to see more art and enjoy my life with every creative and wacky moment that comes by way.


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