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Hocus Pocus Live paint!

During the pandemic... I decided to try mixing it up a bit. I have always been an artist who has a flare for the dramatic....pretty sure that's putting it mildly. I wanted to do something with my painting that would put me even farther out of my comfort zone.

So inspired by one of my favorite abstract portrait painters John Kilduff I decided to ride my recumbent bike and paint for an hour live on Instagram!

This painting is a Time-lapse of #HocusPocus which is one of my fav Disney movies with the Sanderson sister on full snarl. As a kid horror movies were not the go to for Halloween..cheese comedy and witch craft hits the spot for 1,000 Alex.

I painted for an hour and a half it was epic, still have the painting from the bike and paint available! 🎨 This was such fun one can't wait to make more bike paintings!!

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