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Updated: Jan 2, 2019

There is never an easy way to decide to be an artist, because most people will try to steer you down a different path. The truth of artists being broke, and the whole concept of a starving artist is that for a reason. But if you can hang in and really commit yourself to the life of an artist, the struggle will fall to the side as you get to create.

Creating is what it is about. I'm on this earth to make things and see them be enjoyed and loved just like I love to study and learn new things in art.

Recently I tackled one of my fears in art, and started getting into graphic design. I'm an emotional painter, so graphic design is my true sworn enemy. So any time something in life scares me like that I know I have to learn more about why. It was understandable why, there are soo many components that go into making design....most being logical. I'm not always logical. The more I kept designing though the more I love figuring out how to do it. I took an Indesign class and I was surprised about how editorials were a blast to setup!

Never limit yourself as an artist, make sure you are always experimenting and creating and really stretching yourself to understand your view point and where that is in the world.

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