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Are you looking for a SPECIAL artistic creation, that you don't see on this website, but you love the style? Well no problem there, commissions are a HUGE part of what Debra Slonim loves to do.


Make sure when you ask for something specific that there are QUALITY photo references. Know that when you get a painting made make sure you 100% like it before it's varnished. After Varnish there is no changing a commissioned painting.

The Timing it takes to create original artwork is always varied, but Debra Slonim will continually update you on the status of your painting. If for any reason she is running behind she will update you!

What Art medium would you like?
What surface do you want your Art piece on?

Thank You so much for your inquiry about having a custom made piece made by artist Debra Slonim. Once you have been quoted for the piece, a contract will be made from the quote. 50% of the quote will be upfront, and 50% will be given at the time of receiving the piece. There is one redo if the painting isn't exactly what you were working for, all extra touch up will be an additional fee. If you have any additional questions please message Debra:

Thanks for submitting!

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